Are You Taking Advantage of Your Dental Insurance?

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Since we are in the second half of the year, it’s important to take advantage of your dental insurance. It is estimated that one out of four people with dental insurance do not take advantage by fully using up their benefits. That is money being left on the table. Since the benefit deadline for most insurance plans is December 31, you’ll want to start considering booking your next appointment.

Here’s how to take advantage of your dental insurance:

Take Advantage of Covered Preventive Services

Many dental insurance plans cover treatments such as preventative services such as x-rays. Often those services are completely covered and the appointment is free meaning all you have to do is walk on in.

Ask About Orthodontic Or Cosmetic Coverage

Towards the last months of the year is the perfect time for any extensive dental treatments such as crowns, braces, implants that may require more than one visit. If you’re at the point where you’ve met your deductible but have not yet reached your annual maximum, expenses that are out of pocket are dramatically reduced.

Get Your Check Ups

While the frequency of your check ups depends on your oral health, it is advised that you go at least twice a year. By going more frequently minor changes can be caught and remedied more easily than by waiting a full year.

Ask Dentist About Treatments For Year End

During your dental appointment, ask your dentist about what dental treatments you might need before the end of year to have a general idea. Make the appointments early before the back-to-school and holidays approach.

Taking all this into consideration it is important for you to take advantage of covered preventive services, time your services to save you the most money, and figure out the right amount of check ups you need a year to keep your oral health in optimal shape. Would you like to start taking advantage of your dental insurance before the year ends? Schedule your appointment today!

Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

No problem. Join our Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental Membership Club. With our membership, you make low monthly payments for regular teeth cleanings, gum disease cleanings as well as x-rays and oral photos or an emergency exam.

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