Get Your Smile Back With Restorative Technologies

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At Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental, we have a comprehensive ability to restore your teeth to perfection. The combination of our 100% digital office and technologies like CEREC Omnicam we can create life-changing smiles while you sit comfortably at your station. Read on to know more about our restorative technologies.


Same-Day Smiles with CEREC

Using CEREC 3D technology, we can create beautiful dental restorations in a single dentist visit. By using an image taken from our high-definition camera, we can design a 3-D, computer-generated blueprint to be printed precisely to fit your mouth. From there, we use a high-grade, tooth-colored ceramic material to deliver a natural, pleasing look that aligns with the other teeth in your mouth and strengthened to withstand chewing.


Receive High-Res Imagery with ORTHOPOS

Our ORTHOPOS SL 3D X-ray machines blend panoramic imaging capabilities with high-resolution images to produce a sharp and clear image of the entire jaw. By using this technology, our dentists can diagnose sleep apnea from the images generated by ORTHOPOS technologies. 


All Of Our Restorative Dentistry Services:


Our WPFD dentists specialize in restoring your teeth to complete perfection. Using cutting-edge techniques, we provide the best possible treatments for our patients. Schedule an appointment with us to get your smile and confidence back.


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