Dental Sealants

Protecting With Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are great protection for the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where most cavities or dental caries appear. They are made of clear or shaded plastic and help protect teeth from decay. Sealants are recommended for children when their permanent molars arrive. It is a simple procedure we offer at Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental.

The Advantage of Sealants

  • Prevents dental caries and intensive dental work
  • Holds up well under chewing
  • Lasts for 3-5 years or longer
  • Saves money since it protects teeth from expensive repairs

Are you or your child in need of the benefits of dental sealants?

Explore The Details of Dental Sealant

The Dental Sealants Procedure

The procedure is not painful, and requires no drilling. The dentist cleans the tooth and then rubs on a gel to prepare the chewing surface. The tooth is washed and dried to make sure the sealant will attach well. The tooth is painted with the sealant for teeth and the dentist hardens it with a special light for 30 seconds. The teeth sealants procedure can be done in one appointment and has a long lifespan.

Candidates for Sealants

The best candidates are children who have permanent molars. The first permanent molars arrive between 5-7 years old. The next set of molars usually arrives between 11 and 14 years old. Adults and teens can also get sealants on teeth if they don’t have any cavities in those teeth. If there are cavities in the teeth already, we’re not able to cover that filling or cavity with sealants.

Do Dental Sealants really work?

Dental sealants have been used for over 30 years. Many studies prove that sealants are extremely effective in halting cavities in pits and grooves. The areas that remain sealed are 100 percent protected. Damaged or lost sealants can quickly be repaired or replaced.

How to Care for Sealants

If your teeth have sealants, it doesn’t mean you are off the hook for brushing and flossing. It is still important to brush teeth twice a day and floss to prevent plaque build-up and caries.

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