The COVID Dentist Experience, Demystified

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It’s no surprise that oral hygiene may be taking a dip while we’re spending more time at home! Remaining in quarantine has led to a rise in unhealthy eating habits and, if you’re not taking care of your teeth properly, this may lead to serious dental issues later on. The best way to ensure that your teeth are staying healthy and beautiful is by scheduling regular appointments with your dentist.But what does that look like during COVID? Here we answer the two big questions being tossed around:


Should I keep going to the dentist for regular checkups?

Yes! Maintaining your oral hygiene is still incredibly important, and plays a role in maintaining your health overall– gum health has been linked to diabetes and heart disease. It’s easy to let your at-home oral hygiene slip while you’re quarantining, so getting a professional cleaning and checkup regularly is especially helpful. If you or someone you live with has a preexisting condition, speak with your dentist to gauge the risk before making an appointment. 


What does a safe dentist visit look like?

Every dentist office is taking precautionary measures to ensure that both staff and patients are able to give and receive treatment in a safe, healthy environment. Remember to wear your mask while commuting to and from the office as well as while sitting in any communal areas such as the waiting room. At our office, we are continuously sanitizing our tools and office in-between patients, offering multiple sanitization stations, increasing our PPE, and more!


At Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental, the health and safety of our patients is our top priority. We are proud to continue providing excellent service to our patients. For more information on the precautions we’re taking in our office, click here!

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