CareCredit and Lending Club Payment Plans

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When looking at medical procedures and practitioners, many times you focus on the total costs and whether it’s plausible for you to get quality care at a reasonable price. At WPFD, we want to make sure your health care visits are beneficial for your entire family, focusing on your health as a top priority. This is why we offer finance programs that can benefit your experience as a patient. 


With over 225,000 providers around the country, CareCredit is known to help families access quality health care. Their health, wellness and beauty credit card can be used for procedures such as dental work, hearing aids, cosmetic procedures, and even for veterinary care! 

We believe CareCredit is a wonderful option for your family. They provide valuable financing options for many dental procedures that some insurances do not cover, or cover a partial amount of. Other than being a very reliable option, you’re able to discuss different payment options such as deductibles, co-payments, monthly payments, and more! CareCredit tailors it’s financing services to your very own needs.

CareCredit benefits include:

  • Co-signer options
  • You can apply at our WPFD offices
  • APR varies depending on your case
  • You receive bills every 30 days after purchase
  • Your CareCredit card can be used for multiple purchases

LendingClub Patient Solutions

LendingClub Patient Solutions is another great alternative to consider. They pride themselves in providing quality and responsible options regarding financing dental and medical procedures around the US. 

Similarly to CareCredit, Lending Club provides affordable payment options at competitive market rates, allowing you to make medical decisions freely.  By applying through a provider, you’re able to discuss different plan options and rates that better fit your needs.

LendingClub benefits include:

  • High rates of approval 
  • No-interest plans are available! 
  • Can apply through WPFD 
  • No down-payment required

Why Sign Up? 

At WPFD, we’re happy to be a CareCredit and LendingClub provider! By signing up for either of these financing options, you’ll lift the financial weight off your shoulders and have more freedom when picking the right medical treatments for you and your family.

Sign up here, and make your medical journey run smoother than ever! Schedule your next appointment at WPFD to begin enjoying the benefits, or contact us regarding any questions about either of the programs.  


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