Why We Believe Invisalign Is A Great Option For Patients

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At Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental, we are dedicated to improving our patients’ confidence, especially when it comes to their smiles. We also understand that convenience is a vital factor in many of our patients’ lives. So we offer our patients the option of Invisalign for those who desire to straighten their teeth without the use of traditional braces. Our dentists are considered Invisalign experts. They have devoted their time and effort to perfect this dental treatment. We consider our roles as educators just as important as we do our roles as family’s dental professionals. For this reason, we believe informing our patients about the benefits of Invisalign is a vital part of our job as your family’s dental care providers.


Invisalign Makes Brushing Your Teeth A Lot Less Stressful

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from our patients who have chosen traditional braces is that they are quite a hassle to clean around. Brushing and flossing are vital to your oral and overall health; traditional braces often make this daily task a difficult one. In fact, traditional braces require patients to acquire special tools to clean entirely around brackets and wires. Since the Invisalign teeth straightening system uses removable trays, brushing and flossing is the same as your previous oral hygiene routine. No messy wires or brackets to clean around, just simply pop out your Invisalign tray and brush away! While it’s convenient that you can take your Invisalign trays out to eat and brush your teeth, they are supposed to be worn twenty-two to twenty-four hours per day. So it’s always important to put them back in when you’re done.


Invisalign Keeps Your Confidence Up Throughout The Process

Let’s be honest; many patients avoid straightening their teeth due to the visual aspect of traditional braces. This opinion is common for older teenagers and adults who see traditional braces as “nerdy” or “embarrassing.” While we do not agree with that opinion, we understand that self-confidence is a significant factor in a patient’s dental experience. We go above and beyond to offer our patients options such as Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear, removable trays to straighten teeth. When we say clear, we mean they are pretty close to invisible! We have found that patients who use Invisalign to straighten their teeth reap the benefits of higher self-confidence faster than those who use traditional braces. This is because most people can’t even tell that they are straightening their teeth.


Invisalign Treatment Is More Convenient Than Traditional Braces

Thanks to the removable trays, Invisalign gives dentists the opportunity to move teeth with less dental appointments. Among the many benefits of Invisalign, the ease of treatment is one benefit our patients love the most! Rather than tightening wires like traditional braces due every month, Invisalign users can simply just switch their trays out every two weeks. Since our dentists can give patients a few trays per visit, this means less dental appointments as well. In fact, most patients only come in every six weeks for a check up and new trays. This saves our Invisalign patients the hassle of visiting our office as often as patients with traditional braces. We offer Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment for our patients because we realize how valuable their time is. We’d rather you spend less time in our dental chair and more time enjoying your brand new smile!


We know how important is it for our patients to feel comfortable in their smile, even throughout the process of straightening their teeth. This is why we provide our patient’s convenient options, such as Invisalign. For more information on the benefits of Invisalign or to schedule your consultation with one of our dentists, please feel free to contact us today.

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