How Veganism Affects Your Teeth

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Whether due to a lifestyle choice or dietary reasons, going vegan is a big commitment as any major changes in diet can affect your health. Those changes from transitioning to veganism even affect your oral health. When considering switching to a vegan diet, there are certain factors to take into consideration.

Making The Transition

Before committing to a vegan diet or any diet for that matter, you should make sure to talk with your dentist about how these changes might affect your oral health.

Know What You’re Losing

A big part of converting to veganism is understanding that by cutting out meat, eggs, and dairy you’re losing out on a big source of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Before making the switch, be sure to do your research to find out what your body will be losing in order to find suitable substitutes to maintain your health.

How Veganism Affects Your Teeth

Living without meat is by no means impossible, but it’s important to be aware of just how your oral health will be affected without the appropriate knowledge and preparation. When giving up traditional sources of nutrients, certain deficiencies can occur, such as higher risks for gum disease and tooth decay. Also, relying on more grains and sugar-filled products can increase your potential risk for cavities.

While we don’t discourage anyone from converting to a vegan diet, we ask that you do the proper research and during your NEXT VISIT that you ask us any questions concerning any questions regarding how your changes in diet affect your oral health.

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