Vampire Teeth and Japanese Fangs

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The Twilight series about teenage vampires has spread a fascination with vampires. Many long to look like those pale, mysterious creatures, and even will go to the extreme of changing their teeth forever to be more like a vampire.

You may have seen people with sharpened, pointed teeth and wondered how they got them. It is possible, but not recommended to turn your teeth into vampire teeth.

Those who want vampire teeth for the rest of their lives first must find a dentist who will shorten their front teeth and then file their canines to a point so they look longer and more pointed than the front teeth. It is not a quick process, and will last forever, so this option is only for those who really want to live out their vampire dreams. Another more expensive option is to have crowns placed over your teeth shaped like vampire teeth fangs.

A temporary method is to get vampire veneers, which are tooth colored materials bonded to your teeth that look like fangs. It only takes 15-minutes to put on the veneers, and once you want them removed it takes about 10 minutes to take them off.

In Japan it is now popular for Japanese women to get fangs not because of Twilight but because Japanese men think it is attractive. It is referred to as yaeba or double tooth. Japanese women pay dentists to put plastic fronts on their teeth to make them have a fang look. The crooked appearance of the women’s teeth makes the women look friendlier and easy to relate to, and not like too perfect, unapproachable women.

There is a reason our teeth aren’t naturally shaped this way though, and so getting these procedures done can cause malocclusion, which is problems with your bite. The new teeth can also create painful sores in your lips since they are rubbing against your lips and gums, which causes irritation.

Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental recommends enjoying the teeth you have, and if you are ever in the mood to be a vampire, find some creepy, plastic fangs at the store, which won’t cause permanent oral hygiene problems, but give you a fun new look for awhile.

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