Robby’s Story: Achieving Dreams & Starting New Chapters

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The big day was coming and Robby knew he had to make a good impression! He had been pursuing his graduate degree at UTSA for several years and it was finally time to walk across the stage and more importantly to start his career! Ever since middle school, he had a dream of gifting himself the perfect smile. We couldn’t help but believe that this was the perfect gift to start this new chapter of his life.


Robby had never consistently gone to the dentist growing up, as his family didn’t have dental insurance. When he did go, he always felt self-conscious about his teeth and how he perceived his smile. Of course, he was always amazed at how kind and non-judgmental the staff was at each visit. Even with such positive experiences in the past, he always felt nervous with every new appointment.


As a young adult, he tended to let his anxiety dictate his oral health, by avoiding dental visits as much as possible. Deep down he knew it wasn’t a good long-term plan, but anxiety was often a losing battle for him. Not this time, though! He had worked hard to achieve his dream of earning his graduate degree and deserved the smile of his dream as a reward. So he finally called to set up an appointment and was shocked that they could get him in before his ceremony!

Even though his heart was racing with excitement, he couldn’t help but feel anxiety creeping in as well. Today was the big day! Finally, the hygienist called him back for his teeth cleaning. As he got settled in the dental chair, he could feel his anxious feelings start to build. To his surprise, the dental hygienist did too! She stopped what she was doing at took the time to explain to Robby that he wasn’t alone. In fact, a majority of patients who comes in, even adults, have some extent of dental anxiety. Robby was shocked to hear this!


This relieved quite a bit of his anxiety right off the bat! He no longer felt alone and it turns out his dental cleaning and oral exam went a lot smoother than he imagined. Then came what he was most excited about, his teeth whitening treatment! All those late nights and early mornings he kept himself awake with cups on cups of coffee had taken a toll on his once pearly whites. He also was an avid wine drinker, which didn’t help his cause.


To his amazement, the dentist explained that those are two of the most common teeth staining substances and then even he has experienced teeth stains in the past from habitual coffee intake. Robby was a little anxious again, as the process of professional teeth whitening seems quite strange! Weird glasses, blue lights, and mouth stretchers… needless to say, it was quite the experience.


His eyes closed, as he held the mirror against his chest he remembered how he felt as a kid, always wanting the “perfect smile.” This was the moment of truth, where his new smile would be revealed. He lifted the mirror and slowly opened his clenched eyes. Robby was absolutely floored by the results! Never in a million years would he imagined that he would be this enthusiastic about a dental appointment! In fact, he was so thrilled with his new pearly whites that they haven’t hidden in weeks. Even his family and friends have noticed how much he can’t help but share his contagious smile with everyone he sees!


At Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental, these priceless moments that we share with patients are one of the many reasons we are so passionate about what we do. We understand that many of our patients have dental anxiety and that’s why we strive to make each experience a comfortable one. If you are interested in hearing more stories about our inspiring patients or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us today.

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