Dentist Games Can Make The Experience Much Easier For Children

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dentist gamesGoing to the dentist can be a stressful experience for kids. But here at Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental in San Antonio, we make it fun. We’ve created an atmosphere that is friendly, fun, and educational so that your child’s dental experience is as enjoyable as possible.

It’s important to start taking your child to the dentist when they’re babies so that they can grow accustomed to their pediatric dentist and having their teeth worked on. But even if you’ve been taking your child to their pediatric dentist regularly, they may still have some anxiety and apprehension about going to visit them, especially if it’s for a dental emergency. One way to help kids feel at ease is to have them play some dentist games before they go to the emergency dentist or pediatric dentist.

Many of the dentist games are available online or as apps for your phone or tablet. They are easy to play, and allow kids to be virtual dentists, enabling them to learn about teeth bacteria, what is good or bad for their teeth, and other aspects of dental health. All the dentist games are educational and playing them highlights why proper dental hygiene is so important. Besides being educational, being able to play dentist games helps prepare kids for their appointment and put them at ease, whether they are going to dentist for a routine cleaning or a root canal. Many of the games available feature familiar characters from favorite movies or TV shows, adding to the fun factor.

While braces are the most common and well-known form of orthodontics, there are different kinds, and they aren’t just for teens or adults. It’s extremely important for children to start seeing a pediatric dentist as soon as possible as babies so that their dentists can observe and track the way your child’s teeth grow in so they can combat any issues before they start. If your child is preparing for braces or orthodontics, there are dentist games available that teach them about getting braces, and even allow them to give their virtual patient braces.

Cavities are just as frustrating for kids as they are for grownups. It’s important to make sure that kids understand cavities can happen to anyone, and that taking care of their teeth is important. Playing dentist games can help your child understand this, and complements well with cleaning instructions given by your pediatric dentist.

Toothaches, knocked out teeth, chipped teeth, and abscesses are just a few of the reasons a child might need an emergency dentist. Because we also specialize in pediatric dentistry, we are prepared to help you should your child ever have a dental emergency. Even in an emergency, with some preparation and play, your child can still have a positive experience at the dentist.

Your child’s smile and dental health are just as important to us as it is to you. Whether you need a pediatric dentist or an emergency dentist for your child or yourself, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 210.877.2273 and see how Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental in San Antonio can help!

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