What Your Morning Latte Does to Your Oral Health

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What You Need to Know About Coffee and Dental Health

Did you know? 64% of the adult population enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, according to Gallup Polls that’s roughly 157 million people! From hot cups of French roasted coffee, to caramel lattes and chocolate Frappuccino’s, coffee has become a natural part of people’s routine. However, while coffee gives us that extra boost of much need caffeine and helps to bring early mornings to life, it can cause teeth staining, bacterial growth and bad breath.


Why Coffee is Blamed for Teeth Stains

Coffee is a major player in preventing people from achieving the white teeth they want. Coffee is acidic in nature making it easy for it to break through your teeth’s enamel and leave stains. Slowing sipping on coffee rather than quickly drinking a cup can increase the chance of staining. The longer coffee has to sit on your teeth, the more chance it has to force its way through your enamel creating a darker and deeper stain.

Drinking Coffee Encourages Bacterial Growth

Coffee not only leaves stains, it can affect your gums too. Coffee is high in acid, and bacteria thrive in acidic environments. Not only can bacteria cause tooth decay, but also, the bacteria can enter the gum tissue around your teeth, leading to gingivitis. The acids in coffee can also erode your dental enamel, creating an environment where it is easier for bacteria to enter the surface of a tooth. Instead of having strong and bacteria-resistant teeth, if you’re not careful you can be left with brittle and thinner teeth.


How Does Coffee Affect Your Dental Health?

Coffee also coats the surface of your tongue, leaving a stinky film of debris and bacteria that cause halitosis. This is commonly referred to as coffee breath, and as the day progresses the smell gets worse. This coating of debris can also create a foul taste in the mouth that changes the flavors of the other foods and beverages that you consume throughout the day.

Protect Yourself with a Strong Daily Oral Dental Routine

No need to fret, you don’t need to give up your morning cup of coffee despite the different dental problems associated with the beverage! You can protect yourself with a few simple best practices. Make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly 30 minutes after drinking coffee to remove the beverage’s debris from your teeth and gums. If you can’t brush your teeth, then you can swish water around in your mouth to remove as much of the coffee debris as possible. You should also use a tongue scraper to remove the film of bacteria from the back area of your tongue. Don’t forget to use dental floss at least once each day to remove any debris that is between your teeth.

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