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Invisalign innovations

International dentistry is becoming more and more advanced every year with cosmetic and orthodontic procedures. Just recently, Align Technology announced Invisalign G6, which is engineered to improve clinical outcomes for orthodontic treatment of severe crowding. This new technology will be extremely beneficial to those living in China and Asia.

“I’m very pleased about the upcoming release of Invisalign G6,” said Professor Zhou Yanheng, chairman of the Department of Orthodontics of School of Stomatology, Peking University. The nature of malocclusion that requires first premolar tooth extraction is an orthodontic problem that affects more than 50 percent of patients in Asia, 20 percent in Europe and 12 percent in North America [Soh, H et al. Occlusal Status in Asian Male Adults Angle Orthodontist Vol. 75 no 5 pp814-820; and Align Product Efficacy Research Restudy, March 2013]. Invisalign G6 offers comprehensive features and functionality, including:

  1. New SmartStage to help tooth progression and activate alignment.
  2. New SmartForce features that are designed for predictable tooth movements.

With the launch of Invisalign G6, our first premolar extraction solution, Align is continuing to advance the technology and science behind the entire Invisalign system,” said John P. Graham, Align Technology’s chief marketing officer.

Invisalign G6 will be available in North America in 2016. Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental is one of the leading Invisalign providers in San Antonio dentistry. Currently, the Invisalign procedure is already quite simple. During the consultation, the dentist takes x-rays and impressions to plan the course of treatment. ClinCheck software is used to simulate ho the teeth would move during treatment and predict how your teeth would be aligned. Invisalign is virtually invisible and look similar to teeth whitening trays. This amazing technology also allows certain teeth to move at specific times. Not only is the force managed, but so is the timing.

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