How to Have a Photogenic Smile

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As summer comes you will be in many photos of memorable vacations, beautiful weddings and a plethora of fun events in the sun. If you struggle with having a photographic smile, or just want to learn how to show the best side of you in every photo this summer, here are some tips:

1. Remember a Happy Memory

It is easy to force a grin on the count of three, but many times you look at photos and can tell your smile wasn’t genuine. To create a happy smile, think of a time that brings joy to your heart: maybe when you first kissed your love or a perfect day you had with a best friend.  This should easily bring an authentic smile to your face.

2. Part and Moisten Your Teeth

Smile with your teeth slightly parted one pinky-finger-width apart. This helps you look more natural and relaxed. Also either rub your tongue over your teeth right before the picture is taken, or even put Vaseline on your teeth. This extra touch will make your beautiful teeth sparkle in every photo.

3. Creamy Lipstick

If you put on creamy lipstick with a nice shine it will reflect the light and it will also brighten it up. Avoid matte lipsticks that absorb light and as a result look dark.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Look in the mirror and see what your smile looks like. The best smile shows your upper teeth more than your gums. Also, since most people’s faces don’t have perfect symmetry, it is better to not look at the camera straight on, but instead tilt your head some. Look in the mirror and see at what angle your smile is highlighted the most.

5. Get a Teeth Whitening

To enhance your smile the most, a teeth whitening is your best option. Years from now, when you look back at your summer photos you don’t want to regret how yellow and stained your teeth appear. If you get a teeth whitening you will gaze at your radiant teeth in those photos with delight and be glad you took the step to get your teeth whitened.

Contact Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental today to learn about our teeth whitening options and how you can have a perfect smile all summer long.

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