How Diet Soda Harms Your Teeth

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Diet soda— it sounds like it has to be good for you. But names can be deceiving. Although diet soda has no calories, it still contains citric acid and phosphoric acid that wear down your teeth’s enamel just like regular soda.

In soda, phosphoric acid’s purpose is to promote carbonation, and citric acid’s is to preserve carbonation. Acidic content is measured on a pH scale of 0 for most acidic to 14 for least acidic. For example, battery acid is 1 and water at 7. Most regular and diet soda is 2.3-3.0, which means it rates closer to battery acid.

The acid in regular and diet sodas will wear down your enamel, which makes your teeth more prone to tooth decay, plaque and tartar. Since most people think diet soda is better for them they drink more of it than normal soda, but that harms their teeth even more. Some dentists say for your teeth’s health, drinking two regular sodas is better than drinking seven diets.

For those can’t kick the diet soda habit, try to drink it through a straw to reduce its contact with your teeth. To prevent teeth decay from sodas, contact Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental today to get a dental check-up.

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