Healthy Teeth, Healthy Academics

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With summer now over and children back in school, it’s important to ensure that their oral health needs are met. Why? Because a lack of oral health maintenance care can negatively impact kids’  academic success.

What Is The Relationship Between Oral Health and Academics?

Neglecting oral healthcare can lead to an assortment of preventable issues for children, such as toothaches and cavities. These issues can affect a child’s ability to concentrate in the classroom, or even cause absences to resolve the issue. The result? Poorer academic performance due to their focus being drawn to the pain in their mouth or not being present for lessons. 

How Can We Help?

Here at Wurzbach Family Dental, children aged 12 and under are eligible for our kid’s membership program which allows for 2 dental cleanings and doctors exams per year to help provide your child with the means to have a bright, happy, healthy smile. Help set up your child for academic success by keeping them up to date with their oral health care. Contact us today!

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