Healthiest Halloween For Trick-or-Treaters!

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Be The Healthiest Halloween Stop For Trick-or-Treaters!

It’s that time of year when ghouls, ghosts and goblins coming knocking on our doors hoping to snag a few treats! Halloween is coming fast and most people will be heading to purchase candy for their spooky little house guests. Most of these people don’t realize that they are helping sustain America’s number one childhood illness, tooth decay. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in Halloween, but it may mean a few dental-friendly changes to your annual holiday tradition. Check out these cool ideas that are health-friendly, yet all of your trick-or-treaters will appreciate!

Pass out healthier candy alternatives!

Not all treats have to be candy! Kids love most treats, even if they aren’t traditional Halloween candy. Fruit cups are a great alternative, such as mandarin oranges, with cute Halloween designs. Popcorn packets are another perfect treat, especially after a long night of trick-or-treating. Fruit leather and apple chips are other great options for sweet and healthy treats this Halloween! Don’t be afraid to pass out these options rather than the traditional treats. Trust us, the little goblin and their parents will love you.

Not all treats have to be edible

Who ever said Halloween treats had to be munchies? Some of the most loved Halloween treats are toys that kids can play with for months, if not years, to come! Playdoh is always a big hit with kids. If you throw in a cute Halloween cookie cutter too, you may just be the coolest house on the street. They also love glow sticks, bat rings, googly eyes, vampire teeth, coloring books and even bubbles! Be sure that kids get age appropriate toys, it may be worth it to have a variety for them to choose from.

Get creative with your Halloween party!

Nothing beats a Halloween party with delicious themed food. Guests love them and it gives you a guilt-free way to celebrate this fun holiday. You don’t have to tell anyone that they are healthy snacks, that can be your little secret. There are thousands of fun, unique recipes on websites like Pinterest. Get creative, make jack-o-lantern burgers, spider (& avocado) deviled eggs or even grave yard taco dip! The guests will love your tasty foods and so will their healthy smiles. This is the easiest way to become the best party thrower on your block this year!

Give away water bottles instead of treats

Little water bottles are the ultimate mouth-healthy Halloween treats you can give. This fact may shock some people, but the water actually plays an important role in our oral health! After we eat, food debris gets stuck in our teeth and gums. Water is our best resource to rinsing those food particles and also germs away before we get the opportunity to brush our teeth. Which is exactly what every little ghoul on this holiday needs, especially with all the sugar treats they’ll find! Avoid giving out sugary drinks to your trick-or-treaters. These will only give them more sugar to overload their teeth and gums with, ultimately defeating the purpose of rinsing.

Halloween is a fun time for everyone, even the houses waiting on trick-or-treaters! Help be a positive member of your local community this holiday by giving mouth-healthy treats to your spooky little home visitors. For more information on creative and healthy Halloween treats this year, please feel free to contact us!

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