Making The Switch From Manual To Electric Toothbrushes

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Daily brushing is the first step in practicing good oral healthcare and preventing any unwanted oral health deficiencies. Of course, you always want to make sure that you have the right tool for the job, which is where this debate comes in – is using an electric toothbrush better than using a standard manual toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrush Benefits

Using an electric toothbrush makes it easier to eliminate plaque buildup more efficiently due to the vibration and rotation of the bristles. Those vibrations provide micro-movements every time that the brush is moved across your teeth. Not only that, but they are also safe for your gums and there are even built-in timers on certain models.

Since an electric toothbrush is doing most of the work, this provides an advantage to those with limited mobility making independent brushing a much easier task. An electric toothbrush also provides a much more engaging experience for kids that can get them into the habit of daily brushing more effectively.

Electric Toothbrush Cons

Unlike manual toothbrushes, a good reusable electric brush can cost anywhere from $15 to $250, while replacement brush heads might cost between $10 to $45 per pack. Also, the replacement heads can be hard to come by as not all stores carry them. In addition, not everyone enjoys the vibration feeling in their mouth.

Manual Toothbrush Benefits

Although manual toothbrushes aren’t as technical or fancy as electric brushes, they are still effective at keeping your teeth clean and preventing gingivitis. Unlike electric toothbrushes, manual brushes are much easier to find stores at more affordable costs.

Manual Toothbrush Cons

Often times those using a manual brush will often times brush too hard, which can cause unintended harm to your gums and teeth. Since there is no built-in timer with manual brushes, you may not know if you are brushing long enough.

No matter what kind of brush you choose to use – maintaining daily brushing habits is of utmost importance. If you would like to know what type of brush is best for you, just ask us during your next appointment!

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