5 Common Causes of Gum Disease

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One of the most common problems found in dental patients is known as gum disease. Also known as gingivitis, gum disease arises due to inflammations in the tissue, resulting in occasional tooth loss. 

Although the disease has become more common, many are unsure of how to prevent it from happening. Learn more about some of the main causes of gum disease below. 


1) Smoking

Just as it’s an increasingly common cause for teeth decaying, smoking and vaping easily result in the formation of gum disease. Nicotine and tobacco are very harmful to anyone’s health and lungs, but they also decrease the strength of your dental area and make your teeth and tissue susceptible to the creation of plaque bacteria. 

2) Plaque Bacteria

When plaque begins to spread and occurs below the gum line due to lack of good oral hygiene, gum disease is extremely likely to occur. With the addition of bacteria come many complications including mouth sores, swollen gums, and constant bleeding. It is essential to maintain impeccable hygiene in order to prevent this from occurring. 

3) Hormonal Shifts

Although surprising, gum disease can be caused due to hormonal shifts in women.  When you are pregnant, going through changes in your menstrual cycle, or even just menstruating, your gums become increasingly sensitive. It’s crucial to practice even more constant dental care to prevent bacteria from building up.

4) It’s Hereditary

Yes, family history does play a role in the formation of gum disease. If someone in your immediate family line has experienced gingivitis before, there’s an increased risk in your dental health being susceptible to the formation of the disease. 

5) Medications 

Another common cause of gingivitis is the consumption of certain medications. Many times, ingredients in medicine can have side effects such as the reduction of saliva flow, resulting in a very dry mouth. When your mouth gets increasingly dry, this can increase bacteria and essentially begin gum disease. Consult with your healthcare provider regarding ingredients in all of the medications and vitamins you consume.  


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