Chocolate Toothpaste That Doesn’t Taste Like Chocolate

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You might have heard the many benefits of chocolate, but now one of its properties is even being used to help strengthen teeth.

Theodent was created by a New Orleans start-up. It uses a natural compound found in cocoa, Rennou, to help strengthen teeth instead of using fluoride. Rennou is a proprietary blend of a cocoa extract and other minerals that work together to build-up teeth enamel.

Rennou was discovered by accident. Researchers saw that the cocoa extract has a white crystalline powder with a chemical makeup similar to caffeine, and had a positive effect on teeth. Caffeine actually stunts enamel growth, but Rennou activates enamel growth.

During research testing fluoride vs. Rennou’s effects on teeth, teeth that were treated with Rennou were usually stronger than those treated with fluoride.

Theodent was created after 30 years of research. It has two U.S. patents and is waiting on its third worldwide patent.

Since cocoa doesn’t taste like your favorite chocolate bar until all the other ingredients are added, Theodent has a minty, non-chocolate taste. It is not harmful if swallowed, unlike fluoride toothpaste, and is safe for children. The company hopes to expand into dental floss, mouthwash, and a chocolate-flavored sugar-free toothpaste for kids.

You can find Theodent Classic at Whole Foods for $9.99 or order it online. Theodent 300 is the extra-strength version and sells for $99.99 exclusively online.

But don’t worry about spending big bucks on toothpaste. Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental still advocates fluoride toothpaste, but if you want to try something new, test out Theodent and see what you think. Contact us today if you have any oral health care questions. ‘

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