Cerec Crowns: What Would You Do With The Time You Save?

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When you choose a Cerec crown you save more than just money, you save time. Typically the process for traditional crowns takes at least two appointments. However, with Cerec’s same-day crown it literally just takes one visit. While we’re excited about the unprecedented, high-quality crowns created by our cutting-edge Cerec machine, we are even more excited about time you save.

In fact, we are so excited about the time that you can save that we’ve been brainstorming about all the things you can do with that saved time. Check out the top recommendations we have for our patients to do with the time that they saved choosing us a Cerec crown rather than the traditional alternative.


Spend A Day With Your Favorite Person(s)

We know just as well as anyone, that life can get hectic and sometimes we just don’t have the time to spend with the people that matter the most to us. This is why a whole extra day could come in handy for some of our patients. Take a moment to think of the person (or people) that you would choose to spend your extra day with. It might be your grandmother, a cousin, your father, or even your best friend. Whoever it is, we’re excited for your chance to get a little extra quality time with them.


Go Skydiving

A lot of people say that skydiving is on their bucket list, but are too busy to ever make it happen. If you’ve never had a good enough reason, a whole extra day a free time might be it. Don’t worry we know there are patients that are scared of heights, they have an option too. San Antonio is now home to an indoor skydiving facility. So if jumping out of a perfectly good plane doesn’t sound fun to you, but the experience is skydiving does… spend your newly found free time at iFly. Some of us have even tried it and loved the experience. Definitely a good alternative for those who typically prefer to keep their feet on the ground.


Learn A Little

San Antonio has an amazing collection of museums as well as historical landmarks. Even if you did have a good amount of free time on the regular basis, there’s no way you’ve seen it all. In fact, many of San Antonio’s museums feature amazing traveling exhibits as well. So if you think you’ve seen it all, there’s still always something new to discover. We believe that knowledge is power. (This is one of the reasons we strive to attend continuing education classes. That way we’re always offering our patients the most cutting-edge treatment options.) Take the time to learn something new is important. Some of our favorite local places to learn are the San Antonio Art Museum, the Missions, or even the Institute of Texan Cultures.

At Wuzarbach Parkway Family Dental, we care about our patients and the things that matter most to them. After years of learning what our patients value, time is the one that has stood out the most. This is the driving factor that lead us to offer our patients Cerec treatment options, which include dental crowns, bridges, and more. For additional information about our same-day (single visit) Cerec crowns and all the amazing time that you can save choosing it over traditional dental crowns, please feel free to contact us today.

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