The Best-Rated Toothbrushes on Amazon For a Whiter Smile

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1. Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Floss Bristle Silver Toothbrush

The silver embedded in his toothbrush naturally eliminates 99% of the bacteria build up on the bristles within 6 hours – bacteria simply cannot survive on these toothbrushes. Also, the Patent Pending Bristles are 10X thinner than bristles on ordinary toothbrushes, and measure 1 micrometer (1/100th the diameter of human hair) at the tip. This means they can remove plaque in areas that a standard toothbrush cannot reach.

2. Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush

The Nimbus Microfine is an innovative toothbrush designed for people who want more controlled softness while getting the benefits of complete and gentle plaque removal. It was created by a periodontist to provide the optimal safety for gums and tooth surfaces while providing effective and efficient plaque removal. Nimbus is the perfect brush for receding gums and sensitive teeth, preventing damage from toothbrush trauma, and maintaining healthy smiles.

3. RADIUS – Original Right-Hand Toothbrush

Created by two architects who possess an insatiable love for clever design, the Radius toothbrush was developed with the motivation to improve even the most mundane products that we use every day. The user-friendly handle complies with the dentist-recommended 45-degree brush-to-tooth angle and the smart Thumb-and-Palm design makes it much easier to grip and control. The wide oval brush head is designed to improve gum health and can even reduce the risk of gum and heart disease by massaging the whole mouth — leaving you with that tingly-fresh feeling.

4. Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush

A regular toothbrush has less than 500 thick bristles, whereas the Curaprox ultra soft toothbrush has more than 5460 ultra-fine compact tufted Curen bristles that reach even the most difficult areas of gum and teeth. The bendable neck allows angulation for individual preference, and the elegant octagonal handle for perfect manipulation whilst brushing at every angle. The Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush also comes with a practical protective cap.

In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, it’s important to get regular checkups by a professional at least twice a year. Schedule your appointment today and use your insurance benefits before the year ends!

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