Electric Toothbrushes: FDA Releases Product Warning

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If you or your family has been using the battery-operated toothbrush Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, watch out. Spinbrush parts can pop off and get stuck in your throat, land in your eyes, cut your mouth and gums, and chip your teeth.

The FDA has released a product warning for:

  • Spinbrush ProClean
  • SpinBrush ProClean Recharge
  • SpinBrush Pro Whitening
  • SpinBrush SONIC
  • Spinbrush SONIC Recharge
  • Spinbrush Swirl
  • Spinbrush Classic Clean
  • Spinbrush for Kids
  • SpinBrush Replacement Heads.

Sometimes the brush head comes off during teeth brushing. Then the metal pieces under the brush head get exposed, and since they are moving at such a great speed they cause injuries. Also, the children’s version’s batteries can leave burns on the hand, and the toothbrush bristles can even get lodged in children’s tonsils.

Toothbrush warnings don’t happen often, but they have before. In 2011 Health Canada released a warning about Colgate Motion Electric Toothbrushes, which exploded during teeth brushing, and in 2010 the FDA released a warning about Oral B-CrossAction Power and PowerMAX brushes whose brush heads could also come loose and potentially choke the tooth brush user.

Electric toothbrushes are a great way to remove plaque from your teeth, prevent cavities and gum disease. They are recommended by dentists because of how they thoroughly clean your teeth. If your child uses an electric one make sure you supervise him or her.

Chose toothbrushes with soft bristles and angled heads. Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental wants to remind you to replace your brush head, or toothbrush every three to four months because your brush will start to lose its effectiveness after that. If you have any questions about electric toothbrushes or dental hygiene, contact us today.

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