Energy Drinkers: Acid To Tooth Enamel

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A recent study shows that teens who drink sports and energy drinks are causing irreversible damage to their teeth because of the drinks’ high acidity levels. Acid erodes tooth enamel, so then the layer of defense against bacteria and decay is destroyed.

Many young adults think these energy drinks are better for them than soda and enjoy how it gives them more power during their workouts. But these popular drinks are bathing teens’ teeth with acid, Poonam Jain, the lead author of the study said.

The researchers put tooth enamel in different sports and energy drinks for 15 minutes and then put them in artificial saliva for two hours, four times a day for five days. Damage to enamel was discovered after only five days of exposure. The energy drinks though showed twice as much damage as sports drinks.

Statistics state that 30 percent to 50 percent of American teens consume energy drinks and 62 percent have at least one sports drink a day. Teens need to realize that if tooth enamel is damaged through their high energy and sports drink consumption, it can’t be reversed. If a tooth loses its enamel, the teeth are sensitive, and more likely to get cavities and decay.

After drinking these drinks, it helps to chew sugar-free gum or rinse the mouth with water. This will increase saliva flow and help return the acidity levels back to normal. If you are concerned about your teeth enamel or oral health, you should contact Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental today.

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