5 Bad Habits To Break That Will Improve Your Oral Health!

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Everyone has bad habits throughout their lives, many coming and going over time. Being conscious of these damaging habits can lead to breaking them. Which will ultimately improve your oral and overall health! Here our the 5 bad habits that you can break to ensure your smile stays beautiful for years to come…

Nail Biting

Most people are guilty of this habit during some point of their life! For most, nail biting is an anxious habit, usually broken during the adolescent years. However, not everyone breaks this habit at a young age. Nail biting doesn’t permanently damage the finger nails, but it can damage your teeth and gums. Based on studies by the Mayo Clinic, it can damage the nail cuticles and even increase risk of infection.

Opening Things With Teeth

Our jaw is one of the strongest bones in our body, meaning we have a very powerful bite. Many people take advantage of this in their day-to-day life; opening chip bags, twist-off tops and even bottles with their teeth. This may seem harmless in the moment, but this strain on your teeth over time can lead to chipping, cracking and possibly breaking. These injuries occur a lot more than you may imagine. Often ending with a trip to the dentist and sometimes a little reconstructive dentistry.

Chewing On Ice

Many people love chewing on ice, especially crushed ice. This can be a harmful habit for anybody. The cold temperature of the ice actually increases the chances of your tooth cracking under the strain of the ice. While this is more common with regular ice, crushed ice can still result in a cracked tooth. Chewing gum is a great alternative for the habitual ice chewer to try. Not to mention it’s a little more flavorful!

Poor Oral Care

improve oral healthSome people have bad oral care habits, even if they brush their teeth. Most people don’t brush for the entire recommended two minutes, meaning that they aren’t thoroughly cleaning each tooth. Similar to those who don’t floss, who miss 35% of the tooth’s surface. Other bad oral habits include using a hard-bristled brush, which can damage both the gums and also tooth enamel. We recommend that our patients use soft-bristled brushes, as well as children using age appropriate toothbrushes! Good oral health is vital to preventing periodontal (gum) disease. Studies show that periodontal disease can correlate with many other illnesses and diseases through the Oral Systemic Link.

Using Tobacco Products

Most people know that tobacco products can be detrimental to your overall health, especially pertaining to the lungs. It can also cause damage to your oral health as well. This includes receding gums, staining teeth, tooth decay and even oral cancer. We know that smoking and other forms of tobacco use are highly-addicting, which is why we offer support to any patients who are interested in stopping. If you’re interested in stopping this habit, talk to your dentist about the resources we have to help.

All of these habits are ones that you can change. Some may take more conscious control than others, but all of them are doable! Unlike traditional dentistry that is focused on treating problems, we are dedicated to prevention. Breaking these habits will decrease your risks for periodontal disease, cardiovascular (heart) disease, Alzheimer’s, oral cancer and many more illnesses. For more information on how you can increase the quality of your oral health and decrease your risk for illness, feel free to contact us.

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