Infant Dental Care

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Many parents believe that until their baby’s teeth actually come in, infant dental care isn’t much of an issue.  Others feel that even once teeth erupt, brushing still isn’t that important.  After all, the teeth are just “baby” or primary teeth; they’ll end up falling out anyway.

However, infant dental care is just as important as adult dental hygiene.  Parents have a responsibility to keep their baby’s teeth and mouth clean, protecting them from pain and discomfort.

Before the teeth actually come in, gum care is where a parents mind should be.   Be sure to clean your child’s gums regularly, feeling for teeth below the surface that may be ready to erupt.  Of course, always make sure you hands and fingers are clean before putting them in your child’s mouth.  There is no need to use toothpaste at this stage, just very mild soap and water.

Once teeth do appear, it is important to get your child into a rhythm of brushing and cleaning as early as possible.  Show them how it should be done by making brushing a regular part of their day.  Be sure not to overuse toothpaste during the early stages of teething though, as it is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

Children learn from their parents, which is why being diligent regarding your own dental routine is also very important.  Show your child what grown-ups do and soon they will have ingrained the desire to brush within themselves.

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