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San Antonio DentistAs the holidays approach, having your own teeth cleaning San Antonio dentist is more important than ever. The chill outside makes us crave comfort food, hot drinks, and sweet things. Some dentists will tell you to stay away from the temptation. However, the increase in treats does not have to be a bad thing for your teeth.

The buildup of carbohydrates on the teeth is what causes problems like cavities. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, but nearly all food has some kind of carbohydrates in it. It would be quite a feat to stop eating carbohydrates altogether. The trick is not to let them build up on your teeth. During the holidays, follow these simple tips to keep your teeth in top shape, even with the neighbors bringing over too many goodies:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. In the morning, brush your teeth after you eat breakfast. This will help not to leave residue on the teeth all the way until your night time brushing. Once you start to visualize the food and the carbohydrates left on your teeth after eating (gross!), it will be easier to brush after meals.
  • If you have crowns or bridges in your mouth, try to stay away from chewy candies like caramels. If the craving won’t go away, get your fix with a caramel drink. You can have the taste without the stickiness. Just remember to brush afterward!
  • Remember to schedule an appointment at our family dentist San Antonio clinic every six months. It is better (and more cost effective) to prevent cavities than to fix them.
    Our teeth cleaning San Antonio office wants to wish you a happy holiday season with yummy treats, good company, and clean teeth!
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