Mesiodens: How Extra Teeth Impact Your Dental Health

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Typically speaking, an adult human being will have 28-32 permanent teeth. The last four are wisdom teeth, and will vary from person to person (whether they are removed or not.) In rare cases though, some people can actually grow extra teeth. This condition is called Hyperdontia, and is the topic of discussion in this week’s post.

The growth of extra teeth, or mesiodens, can generally trace its cause to hereditary factors. There may be some additional evidence supporting environmental factors as well, but that is minimal. This condition can be quite painful and annoying to those unfortunate enough to experience it.

Though these extra teeth rarely erupt, or burst through the gums, their development below the surface can still interfere with the development and placement of other teeth. If left untreated, these extra teeth might push other teeth out of alignment, causing pain, speaking difficulties, or even digestive problems.

For those who seek treatment for Hyperdontia, surgery is often the answer. Most dentists will wait until the movement of these mesiodens interferes with other teeth before making the decision to extract. In the event that these mesiodens remain dormant, it may be unnecessary to have them removed.

So, while you may never experience this for yourself, or know anyone who has – you can still appreciate the importance of regular dental check-ups. Knowing what’s going on with your teeth will help you keep them healthy and strong. Plus, in the event that something is wrong, you will be able to take care of it early and effectively.

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