Top 7 Reasons to go in for teeth cleaning

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Many people will put off getting an appointment for teeth cleaning until it’s just too late. Just like getting your car inspection, a yearly physical, or changing the light bulb in the refrigerator, people are more likely to put off tasks that aren’t causing them direct pain or discomfort. But in the case of your teeth, when you feel pain it could already mean things are really bad. So maintenance on your mouth is very important. Plus, if you have dental insurance you should take advantage of it. Most dental plans pay a large percentage of the teeth cleaning procedure.

7 Reasons for teeth cleaning twice a year

  • Teeth loss: Unlike sharks, the adult teeth you have are your last set of teeth. So whatever happens to those teeth can cause permanent damage. That means that if you don’t take care of those babies, you could end up with irreversible problems. Many things can make your teeth fall out, but the most common reason is poor oral hygiene and dietary habits. So get a teeth cleaning.
  • Roots: The most important part of your tooth isn’t even the visible part. It’s the root. The root holds your tooth in it’s spot and covers the nerves and pulp. When tarter and plaque build up, this can cause exposure to the root and eventually lead to further problems. If your root is damaged, you could need a root canal or worse. Which leads us to the third reason to get a teeth cleaning.
  • Root canals: When tarter builds up on a tooth, it can infect the tooth past the enamel, past the pulp, and past the nerve. Then you will need a root canal. Your dentist will drill into your tooth and then file out all the pulp until your tooth is hollow. Then fill it again with special dentist filling. So get a teeth cleaning.
  • Good looks: What would you like better: dull, yellow, slimy teeth? Or shiny, white, sparkling teeth? Along with the flossing, scraping, and rinsing, your teeth get a nice polishing at your teeth cleaning. Just like the smell of a new car, it’s so nice to have a refreshed mouth. So get a teeth cleaning.
  • Cavities: Cavities are caused by tarter build up and decay. It eats away your enamel and then you have to get that part of your tooth drilled out and filled in. Oh, don’t forget about the anesthetic shot into your gums with a needle and your face will be numb for hours. So get a teeth cleaning.
  • Oral cancer: As part of your cleaning, your dentist will give you an oral exam to check for any signs of oral cancer. When you’re getting regular teeth cleanings, problems or concerns can be caught before they get worse.
  • Bad breath: Most cases of chronic bad breath, or halitosis, are caused by an undetected dental problem. Your dentist or hygienist can solve this in no time and get you back to telling secrets to your friends without them cringing from your breath. So get a teeth cleaning.

What we’ve learned from all these scary and fun effects of not taking care of your teeth, GET A TEETH CLEANING! Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental specialized in teeth cleaning, all you have to do is find time in your schedule and show up, we’ll do the rest. Make an appointment today.

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