Your Teeth, Your Gums, and Your…Blood Sugar?

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More and more connections between your oral health and your systemic, or overall health have become apparent in the last few years.

There are links between gum disease and heart disease, kidney disease, certain types of cancer, and even fertility problems for women and men. Researchers and dental professionals have long known there is a connection between your dental health and your blood sugar levels.

For many years the link seemed to be that if you had diabetes, you were much more likely to have gum disease. But recently, studies have shown that the causative effect goes both directions. So it is also true that if you have gum disease, you are much more likely to develop diabetes.

How Does It Happen?

Research is still being conducted, but according to the ADA, when you have periodontitis, normal actions like brushing your teeth or chewing your food pushes bacteria into your swollen gums and straight into your bloodstream.

Your body defends against the bacteria by raising blood sugar levels. This is a typical immune response to bacteria, but when it happens again and again with normal daily activity, the sustained high levels can lead to type 2 diabetes.

How Can I Stop It?!

The first step is to call Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental. Our dentists recognize the oral systemic connection and want to help you care for your whole body through excellent dental care.

Deep cleaning techniques like root planing can decrease your gum inflammation. It may even help control your blood sugar response at the same level as adding another medication to your daily regimen. Make your appointment today to get started toward a healthier tomorrow!

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