Smoking and Your Dental Health

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Your cigarettes are holding you back and putting your teeth at risk. We know you’re thinking, “You’re a dentist! My smoking has nothing to do with my teeth.” But Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental has news for you: tobacco use is a risk to your smile just as much it is your overall health.

Oral Cancer: It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Inhale

Everyone knows about the risks for lung and throat cancer, but not everyone knows that tobacco can also cause oral cancers, including your tongue, cheeks, and lips. If you’re keeping your six month cleaning appointments, our dentists will also include an oral cancer screening as part of your exam.

In between your dental visits, keep an eye on your lips, cheeks, and tongue.  Sores or white patches, lack of feeling or pain in your tongue, and loose teeth are all symptoms of oral cancer.  If you start seeing any of these symptoms, make an appointment right away.

Other Dental Risks

Although cancer is the biggest risk of tobacco use, there are plenty of other health hazards it can cause. Periodontal disease is caused and exacerbated by tobacco use. Smokeless tobacco products are even worse for your gums than cigarettes and cigars.  They frequently contain added sugar for taste, as well as tiny irritants that cause receding gumlines. Aside from the contribution to plaque buildup, the combination of sugar and grit wears down your teeth and creates inflammation in your gums.

There is no time like today to commit to quitting your tobacco habit. Don’t forget to make your appointment at our San Antonio office for your cleaning and oral cancer screening. You’ll start your new journey with a fresh mouth, which will give you one more reason to stick to it!

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