Safety Measures for Your Peace of Mind

 In Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental

COVID has brought on many challenges, but that has not stopped us from providing our clients with quality dental care.

“Being able to provide care for our patients I think is the ultimate gift of trust,” said Tracy Walters-Badillo, DMD and owner of Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental.

“From the minute you drive your car into our parking lot to the minute you leave, you’ll see that we have set up everything to protect not only our patients but also our staff,” Kevin Klenke, DMD added.

“We start with an extensive phone screening days before the patient even arrives at our office to make sure that there has been no potential exposures [to the virus].”

Upon arrival, patients are greeted in the parking lot and directed to text the office that they are on the premises. Our staff checks their temperature then prompts the patients to complete paperwork on an iPad. Once the paperwork is completed and we confirm that it is safe to enter the office, you will be escorted directly to the operatory.

“The room that you’re in has been totally disinfected using hospital grade disinfectants that will eliminate the COVID virus,” said Klenke.

Safety in and around the office is extremely important to us, and we make sure we are ready to receive each patient as we gear up in full PPE.

“We currently wear isolation gowns that we change out for every patient,” said Walters-Badillo. “We wear gowns that we change out for every patient to wear an n95 mask, a level 3 surgical mask, eye protection, face shields, and boots,” she said.

“The added protections and changes that we’ve made for COVID-19 have not affected the care that our patients receive at all,” added Klenke. “The same high-quality care that we’ve always done continues to be the same.”

Walters-Badillo encourages all patients to call any of us at Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental. “If there’s any questions or any concerns, hopefully we can alleviate those concerns you have because we are taking extreme measures when it comes to protocols.”

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