Relationship Between Vitamin D and Teeth

 In Oral Hygiene

Vitamin D, otherwise known as the “sunshine vitamin”, helps our body absorb calcium which keeps our bones strong and sturdy.  Strong bones are resilient and are less prone to breaking or weakening but what does this have to do with our teeth?

Teeth aren’t bones but your jaw is comprised of bone and muscle and in order to keep teeth rooted in the jaw, the bone must be strong and supported by calcium and Vitamin D.  Vitamin D can be absorbed by the body simply by walking outside on a sunny day and calcium is found in regular food items like milk, eggs and tuna.  A diet and daily routine that combines the two of them will result in stronger bones and stronger teeth.

It has been suggested that Vitamin D also works towards fighting inflammation and inflamed gums are often a precursor to periodontal disease and gingivitis. Thus, a daily routine rich in Vitamin D may be even more important to dental hygiene, than initially thought.

Simple things like taking a walk or drinking a glass of milk not only help your general health but will help you develop a strong and healthy smile.

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