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Summertime is well into its third month, and with the heat comes athletics from children and adults alike. Most people don’t think about protecting teeth when playing basketball or football; but with the surge in athletics comes an even greater increase in chipped or missing teeth. So what’s one way to protect your teeth this summer? A mouthguard.

The American Dental Association actually recommends a mouthguard or 29 sports and exercise activities, including wrestling and gymnastics. The ADA also expects that one third of all dental injuries are sports related and a mouth guard can prevent thousands of injuries.

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Of course most young athletes don’t wear mouthguards because they find them dorky or uncool; however, they don’t realize that lip, cheek injuries and broken teeth in general are not attractive to classmates and peers either.

Males and females alike are affected by not wearing a mouthguard; baseball and basketball are the sports with the highest mouth injuries.

Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental takes pride in protecting athletes from all sports levels. Custom-made mouthguards are the best ones to receive as they are designed for a specific sport team’s need and have a customized fit that is comfortable and not generic to all types of teeth. Customized mouthguards are so comfortable that athletes can focus on the game and can communicate easier with team members.

High school and college sports are probably the largest amount of victims of chipped or broken teeth during the athletics season. As the team dentist for UTSA and Trinity University, we take great pride in making sure all mouthguards are comfortable and safe to use.

We were the team dentist for the New Orleans Saints NFL team during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We served both the field and locker room; we have also served the San Antonio Spurs and the San Antonio Silver Stars.

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Custom Mouthguards

Schedule your appointment today for a customized mouthguard. Whether it’s for high school, college or professional, we have the experience and knowledge to choose the best protection for your teeth.

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