How do I Know if I Need Traditional Braces?


It is actually healthy to have a mild overbite—the upper arch overlaps the lower arch 1-2 millimeters. If there is no overbite, teeth will wear down abnormally. But if your overbite is greater than this, or you have an underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, or excessive spacing, you may need them.

The Procedure

At the consultation in our San Antonio office, the dentist determines if traditional braces are needed. The dentist will then inspect the teeth, and set up another appointment to take X-rays, molds and impressions. Through this data, the dentist determines the plan of treatment.

Teeth to be braced will have an adhesive applied to help fix the bond to the teeth. Usually teeth will be banded and then brackets added with dental cement, which is hardened by a special light.

An archwire will be threaded between the brackets and affixed with elastic or metal. These archwires are bent, shaped and tightened frequently to achieve results.

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