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White SmileIf you want to feel confident about your smile, our Cosmetic Dentistry San Antonio office is the place for you. Satisfied patients have received a wide range of cosmetic procedures here, from simple tooth whitening to orthodontics, and everything in between. Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental will leave you with a (beautiful) smile on your face.

Here are just a few cosmetic dentistry services that we offer:

Tooth Contouring: This is also called reshaping. With a simple gadget, we can improve the appearance of teeth that may look crooked by sanding them down a bit. This way, the teeth are level and look straighter without any kind of orthodontics.

Whitening: Although there are many teeth whitening products available for purchase now, having your teeth whitened at the dentist is still the safest and most permanent option. We can make sure you have whiter teeth and healthier teeth.

Bonding: This is another way to reshape teeth by adding enamel-like material to the tooth and shaping it. The material is then hardened and polished along with the tooth so that it looks natural. This works well for a chipped or cracked tooth.

These are just a sampling of the common cosmetic work our dentist San Antonio office does regularly. For questions about veneers or orthodontics, talk to our dentists! They are experts at finding the best options to make you love your smile. Our Cosmetic Dentistry San Antonio Office is committed to helping you have the best smile possible.

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