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If you are looking into orthodontic services in the hopes of straightening you teeth, you have likely seen an overwhelming amount of information to sift through. One of the main questions you may have is whether to go with traditional metal braces, or with Invisalign or other clear aligner therapy. We would like to give you a quick rundown of the differences in the hopes that it will make you decision easier!

Traditional Braces
When most people think of braces, traditional braces are what they imagine. Small metal brackets affixed to the teeth that have a wire running through them. Small adjustments are made over time to help align and reposition you teeth for a beautiful smile! Some advantages include:
–  Customizable Colors
–  Very effective on more complex dental alignment issues
–  Fairly easy to clean with regular brushing and flossing

Invisalign gives patients a more discreet way of correcting alignment issues with their teeth. The alignment trays are made from clear BPA-free plastic that is smooth and comfortable. Some advantage include:
–  Discreet and barely noticeable
–  Very comfortable
–  Removable

So what’s right for you? Taking into account the advantages of each, it is important to note a few of the disadvantages. Metal braces may not be as good for people participating in contact sports, as they can potentially damage the inside of the mouth upon contact. Invisalign requires self-discipline, as they aligners have to be worn for 22 hours per day. Here at Wurzbach Parkway Family Dental, we are always happy to help and offer advice! Call us today at 210.879.3449!

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