Top 5 Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

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What is to blame for those unsightly stains on your teeth?  Well, it could be one of a number of things.  It could be the result of an injury, it could be a simple irregularity in your growth, or more likely it is a result of the foods you eat and the beverages you drink.

When it comes to staining your teeth, consider this rule.  If something would stain a tablecloth, chances are it will stain your teeth.  Additionally, you can consider saliva as the cleaning solution, washing away these stains and any additional debris.  Now, saliva won’t prevent every stain from forming but it will help.  Additional assistance can be found in the form of chewing gum and rinsing with water.  Of course the best prevention is good oral hygiene.

Coffee is high in caffeine, and can be high in sugar.  Studies have shown that over time caffeine will leave dark blotches on teeth, and the sugar content can erode the outer enamel.

Similarly, tea’s caffeine content can stain a drinkers teeth dull colors of yellow or brown.  Lightening the color of your coffee or tea drink with milk can help reduce these stains.  Plus, milk will deliver calcium and vitamin D, promoting the strength of your teeth.

Soda as well, can have a high caffeine and sugar content.  Even the sugar and caffeine free varieties though, can stain a drinkers teeth.

A relatively unknown culprit, Soy Sauce has been seen to stain teeth darker shades of brown and yellow that even coffee or tea.  The dark color has a nasty tendency to permeate the tooth material, staining it as it would a white wool rug.

Last but not least, wine.  We’ve all seen what an evening of red wine drinking can do to ones teeth and lips, and that is only after a few hours.  Imagine the damage being done to your teeth in that time and its clear why this beverage appears on nearly every list of “drinks that stain your teeth”.

On the bright side, it may take a long time for any of these beverages to cause visible harm to your teeth.  Drinking them in moderation, and maintaining good oral hygiene will put you ahead of the game and keep those pearly whites nice and pearly for a long time.

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