Sugar Free Gum, Freeing You From Cavities

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If you’ve been having issues with a dry mouth, or even looking for an additional means of preventing cavities, you may want to consider chewing gum. That’s right, gum can actually be beneficial for your oral health – as long as you chew the right kind.

What Kind of Gum Should You Chew?

First things first, sugar-free gum is only the kind of gum that will serve as a compliment to your preventative measures for maintaining good oral health. This due to the fact that the ingredients found within sugar-free gum won’t interact with the different kinds of plague contained within your mouth.

Just chewing any kind of sugar-free gum though isn’t good enough, and if you’re really looking for the right kind of gum, then look for the products that have the ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of Acceptance. This seal represents that the product has met the ADA’s requirements of safety and efficacy as determined by the ADA Council of Scientific Affairs.

How does Gum Benefit Your Health?

When chewing sugar-free gum, your salivary flow rate is stimulated by 10 times more than when unstimulated.  This extra saliva helps create buffers against acids in foods/drinks, and helps remove unwanted elements before any bacteria can interact with any plague.

Aside from creating more saliva, chewing gum assists in acid clearance which helps those who suffer from acid reflex.

While chewing sugar-free gum can help serve as a good complimentary measure in preventative oral health care, it does not serve to replace brushing or flossing. It merely serves as a compliment to already established good oral hygiene practices and you should never think that it does. F0r any serious concerns or questions always make sure to come in for an appointment so that we can help with your oral health needs!

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