Dental Experts and Pediatricians Recommend Fluoride for Kids

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For years, people have believed that fluoride is too dangerous for children. Many parents passed on fluoride-based toothpaste in favor of “training” toothpastes for their kids.

Current recommendation guidelines for fluoride use are now a little different.

How Much Fluoride?

Basically, as soon as there’s a tooth in the mouth, it can benefit from regular fluoride exposure.

Even babies around a year old can have fluoride toothpaste, but the amount does make a difference.

Toddlers 3 and under should have no more than a smear of fluoride toothpaste. That’s pretty much the size of a grain of rice. Older than 3 years and kids should have a pea-sized amount.

Fluoride is essential to reinforcing enamel to ward off decay. It’s never too early to start.

Is Fluoride Safe?

As long as you follow the guidelines and supervise your children’s brushing, yes, fluoride use is safe. Your child would have to swallow more than what you put on their brush to experience any ill effects.

Train Your Children to Use Toothpaste

A fluoride-free training paste may be good in cases where your toddler enjoys practicing tooth brushing solo. But parents should be cautious and carefully oversee their kids when using an actual fluoride toothpaste.

Keep an eye on your child as he or she starts brushing more on their own. They should be in the habit of spitting out all the fluoride toothpaste in their mouth before you let them do this chore by themselves.

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