Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

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Although when experiencing trouble sleeping you’d typically visit your physician, a dentist is likely the earliest diagnostician of sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea. Through our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to recognize symptoms and get a quick diagnosis to recommend customizable treatment. 

Unsure whether or not you’re suffering from either insomnia or Sleep Apnea? Here are some of the most common symptoms of the disease to get you started. 

Weight Gain

A really common symptom derived from Sleep Apnea is unusual weight gain. You might be eating your regular meals and maybe exercising a couple of times a week, but other than experiencing sleeping troubles you’ll also notice a couple more pounds on the scale. If not diagnosed on time, the continuous weight gain can increasingly worsen your symptoms and cause even further complication on the disease.

Constant Sleepiness

Of course, insomnia will be a noticeable symptom on your routine, but feeling sleepy throughout the day can also be a problem. Despite finding ways to mitigate sleepiness by consuming caffeine or keeping busy, patients suffering from Sleep Apnea still encounter lots of daytime sleepiness. Feeling tired throughout the day will likely decrease productivity and energy levels, so recognizing symptoms on time is of extreme importance. 


Another fairly common symptom for those suffering from Sleep Apnea is the presence of strong migraines or headaches. And although they are most common right after waking up, these headaches increase in intensity as the untreated disorder heightens. Despite taking medication to lessen the strength of headaches, a Sleep Apnea treatment is the best long-term solution. 

Excessive Snoring

Finally, one last symptom of untreated Sleep Apnea is experiencing excessive snoring. You might have always been a snorer, but even patients who’d never experienced snoring before might encounter loud and excessive snoring throughout the night. This will magnify the troubles patients experience when attempting to get a good night’s sleep and can affect your partner’s sleep as well. After undergoing Sleep Apnea treatment the symptoms will begin to disappear.


Are you experiencing multiple of these symptoms and worried you’re suffering from Sleep Apnea? We’re here to help! Schedule your appointment today to discuss symptoms and get a diagnosis.

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