4 Bad Office Habits That Are Detrimental To Oral Health!

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We all know that work can be stressful. Often times this stress will develop into unhealthy habits for our patients. Don’t worry, because all of these bad habits are easy to break or replace with ones that are full of healthy benefits! Here are 4 office habits that aren’t very friendly to your oral health goals.

Don’t Sip On Your Coffee All Day.

Early office hours can be a struggle for anyone who isn’t considered a “morning person”. Some people need caffeine to get them started and sometimes even to just get through the day. However, consuming coffee several times per day increases the amount of stains it can leave on your teeth. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a hot cup of Joe to start your day off. One cup of coffee is fine by us! If you tend to drink more than one cup, you should consider trying tea as a substitute for the rest of the day. Your pearly whites will thank you!

Your Teeth Aren’t Reliable Office Tools.

You’ve got to open that package quickly! Time is running out and you have a big presentation in five minutes. You scan your desk for scissors, but they are no where to be seen. You look back at the package and swiftly bite the plastic cover… FREEZE! This is one of the most common mistakes that patients make pertaining to their oral health. You’d be surprised how much damage this can cause your teeth! We know how tempting the urge is, but the only thing our teeth should tear apart is food. This is one bad office habit we should all take the time to break.

Chewing Pen Caps Is Dangerous!

This is a bad office habit every single one of us is guilty of. In fact, many people begin developing this habit during their adolescent school years. The culprit for this one is usually stress! Chewing is naturally a nervous habit among people, whether it’s biting fingernails or chewing on pen caps. However, chewing on pen caps can be quite dangerous. There is a high risk of swallowing it, cutting up your mouth and gums, or even choking. There is an easy and dental-friendly alternative to this bad office habit, sugar-free gum! Sugar-free gum is a perfect way to ease your stress throughout the day without the risks.

Snacking At Work Can Contribute To Tooth Decay

Snacking over long periods of time without brushing can lead to cavities. Snacking throughout the day can cause an acid attack on your teeth. The food debris left from snacks and meals are exactly what bacteria eat, which produces acid that erodes and decays your teeth. This is how cavities are formed. Snacking in moderation is healthy, but over snacking can be harmful to your health as well. The safest solution is to snack lightly and to bring a toothbrush with you to work. This allows you to eat meals and snacks without having to worry about the cavities and acid attacks!

At work we usually aren’t thinking about our oral health. Instead, we are focused on our jobs and being productive. All of these bad habits have easy solutions, which is great news for busy patients. Avoiding these bad habits will keep your smile healthy and possibly prevent an unwanted trip to your dentist! For more information on bad office habits to break, feel to contact us today!

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